First Robotics Competiton

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FRC Team 7520, Team Minekee, is a community robotics team for high school students in the GTA. While working together, students learn how to design, build, and program a robot to perform specific tasks. Team Minekee aims at encouraging students to develop their knowledge and interest in engineering and science concepts through hands-on experience.

Team Minekee has also hosted a variety of community events where students in the team helped to teach younger students in the community many different skills, such as computer programming, 3D printing and design, and some information on space exploration.

Not only do we provide the workspace, tools, and guidance to interested students, Team Minekee also provides opportunities to participate in regional, national, or international level competitions. As a rookie team, we participated in the FIRST Robotics Competition of the ONT District Ryerson University Event 2019 and were the District Champions.‚Äč