About us

We are a non-profit community team located in North York composed of devoted students and dedicated mentors from all over GTA. By promoting people to always be imaginative and inventive, to always be active and healthy, and to always be kind and understanding, we are able to pursue our three important axioms: Science, Sports, and Social. We are a multi-disciplined team that consists of a Software Development Team (http://cyberworkshop.ca/), a Robotics Team (http://7520.ca/), a Media Team (http://mktv.ca/), as well as a Dragon Boat Team(http://dragonboatToronto.com).

Cyberworkshop is a technology-enabled youth team specializing in customer engagement and improving business performance. Most of our Software Developers are from Universities all across Canada. We pursue new technology, service for local small businesses, and provide services like Automotive dealer web & search engine marketing, E-Commerce Web Design, and many more.

Our FRC Team (Team 7520) is the Winner for the Ryerson Event in 2018. The team also expanded to run FLL and Vex IQ teams. The Dragon Boat Team won the 2018 GWN Sports Regatta, 2017 Toronto Internation DragonBoat racing Youth Group 3rd place, and 2019 Mississauga Dragon festival Division C First place.