WRO 2019

Hello, I am Sean from Team Minekee 3070. Today we are at national WRO competition in Montreal since we competed and were qualified at Toronto region. This is our first time and I got some good experience and learned a lot, for example, rules, the process of WRO. Next year we will prepare earlier, so we have more time for building, programming, and testing the robot. That way, we will do better. I will try harder for even success full ending next year.

Hello, I am Jason from Team Minekee 3070. Before I went to Montreal I learn multiple ways to move a motor. What I learn when I arrived in Montreal, was all the problems we encounter in each round, how to fix those problems, and how our team’s robot can improve next time. the problem our team encounter with each round was that the wires were touching the wheel and the object the robot is holding is blocking the program block on the computer, so we solve it by making the motors of the robot turn a certain degree, and we put a pin to keep the wires far away from the wheels. Our team’s robot can improve on is programming its motors, how our team can change the robot’s programming on the motors is to make the motors of the robot turn a certain amount of degree not too high, and not too low it has to be exact. I, also found out that the Dominate, who is the director of don 01 offers video projects made from grade 2 – 3, grade 4 – 6 work on robotic events, and grade 7 – 9 do EV3, water bucket challenge, and also the dominate competitions. If we won the WRO challenge then we would go to Hungary Europe in November. Sadly we didn’t win.